Landscaping & Yard Services

We are a family owned and operated lawn and tree service business. Let us take care of all your lawn and tree needs! Emergency service available.
Nashville Lawn Service

Lawn Service

Having the perfect lawn entails so much more than just cutting the grass. It takes proper regular watering, fertilization, weeding, and animal pest control to ensure that your landscape is green and fresh all year 'round, especially with Nashville's temperamental climate. Protect your lawn and give it the best, with our regular lawn maintenance services specifically for you. We work with your schedule and develop a plan that will keep your garden looking how you like it.

Nashville Trimming & Pruning

Trimming & Pruning

Did you know that seasonal pruning can help boost the health and extend the life of your plants? By removing the broken, diseased, or dead pieces of stem and leaves, your plants will be free from infection and can invest their precious nutrients into healthy new leaves and flowers. Our trimming services will also be sure to maintain an impeccable, full shape for your hedges, bushes, and trees.

Nashville Custom Garden Design

Custom Garden Design

Maybe you have the exact garden of your dreams all planned, ready to make it happen. Or, maybe you aren't sure what to do with the space you have around your house. Whatever your situation is, Lookin Good Lawn and Tree Service is committed to making your land the most beautiful Nashville has ever seen! We'll handle everything, from our initial consultation with you, through the design process, installation, and regular maintenance after the job is completed.

Nashville Weed Control

Weed Control

It's amazing--and frustrating--how quickly weeds can overtake your yard. We put an end to the invasion, with customized weed control services that will remove unwanted growth from your yard without harming your desired plants. By the time we're done, we will claim back your yard for you and your family to truly enjoy.

Nashville Garden Clean-Up

Garden Clean-Up

Even the best landscapes need regular maintenance in order to look their best all year 'round. Get our garden clean-up crew to take care of the dirty work, from removing old dried leaves to blowing away that stubborn moss from your driveway. Our clean-up services are available on a one-time basis, or as a part of a regular maintenance plan. Give us a call today, and see the difference a little garden clean-up can make!

Nashville Bark, Mulch, and Topsoil

Bark, Mulch, and Topsoil

Some landscapes only need a bag of dirt, but others require a whole truck full! Whatever your situation might be, Lookin Good Lawn and Tree Service is here to help! We will bring the exact amount of bark, mulch, or topsoil that you need, and expertly lay it out where it will benefit your garden the most. We source our supply from only the best providers, so you can be sure that your soil or ground cover will not only look good, but be good for the health of your plants too.

Nashville Landscaping Services

Landscaping Services

Are you in need of garden services beyond the care of your plants? Look no further! Our landscaping experts are second to none, with the capability of completely reshaping your outdoor space, from the ground up. We can install ponds, build rock walls, construct large ornaments, set fire pits, set fences, and so much more. Ask one of our professionals how we can help you achieve the landscape of your dreams!

Nashville Stump Removal

Stump Removal

Now that you've removed a nuisance tree, its time to get rid of that unsightly stump! The tree stump removal experts at Lookin Good Lawn and Tree Service will be there for you! Removing a tree stump will free up space in addition to creating a more aesthetically pleasing property. Let us give you your property back and contact the premier tree stump removal experts in the Nashville area, today!

Nashville Emergency Tree Services

Emergency Tree Services

We at Lookin Good Lawn and Tree Service offer expert emergency service for tree removal and damage clean up to your property. We're dedicated to ensuring your property is safe, secure and free of any tree debris that can cause further damage. We have the experience to safely handle any tasks, small or large to help get your property clear and safe from fallen trees, branches and debris. Give us a call today or contact us now to learn more.

Nashville Cat Rescue

Cat Rescue

When your furry friend goes for a climb but can't seem to work their way back down, you need to call the professionals who have the tree experience you can count on-- Lookin Good Lawn and Tree Service. As professional tree service workers by trade, we know the most efficient and safe way to scale a tree to retrieve your pet gently and safely. Don't waste taxpayer money by calling the fire department, when your local Nashville tree experts are happy to help!